Americas top photographers: summary & thoughts!

Images allow us to relive our highest points of joy and happiness and they also remind us of the darkest parts of our life. In this video, 5 photographers are competing against each other on skills and the artistic voices they have. I love how they introduce each photographer and tell us about themselves because its very interesting. Roxy Rodriguez likes to shoot fashion photography and she always captures her personality in pictures which stands out a lot. Chris Palermo shoots traveling and documentary work. He tells a whole story with only a single moment in a picture so its really cool knowing the background of each photo. Jamiya Wilson is a beauty photographer and he wants his work to actually have meaning to people which I think is super important. His work is very unique, he knows how to stop a subject in time to capture who they are. Scott Borrero is a commercial photographer and captures landscapes perfectly. Andrew Kearns is interested in lifestyle photography and all his pictures look like a huge story. I think being a photographer is a fun career because your doing what you love. You get to shoot your own work and come up with everything yourself on what type of photographer you want to be.


  1. Yes, I do feel I have good composition because the main point in these photos are the framings.
  2. I think I edited my photos good, I tried to pop out the shadows and add some contrast.
  3. What I would do differently is I would find a good subject that catches the eye.
  4. I think there will be a lot better photos with framing from other people that will go on the blog post, it was difficult for me to find a good place with framing.

File formats!

  • JPEG – More photos can be stored on a memory card and there’s quicker file transfer times because of its small file size.
  • TIFF – It can manipulate photos extensively in photo editing software and there’s an option to print at the highest quality and larger sizes.
  • RAW – It has the best quality image file captured and has extensive options in post processing and image manipulation.
  • DNG – Has the ability to use image processing software like light room and photo shop and it can be a safer option long term, so it can guard against inability to open or access files in the future.
  • PNG – It’s lossless compression means good image quality and it has the ability to maintain transparency.
  • GIF – Your files can contain animation and small file sizes makes these ideal for use on the web.
  • BMP – Can be used for printing, as images are saved in high quality format.
  • PSD – It has the ability to manipulate the image on separate layers and once an image is ready it can be re saved as any other file format.

Surrealist artist work!

Surrealism is something that doesn’t happen, its not normal. This work by a surrealist artist inspired me a lot because its super unique and different. Its also very surreal because its not normal for trees, rivers and a bridge to be on a persons face. These things are usually on land, not human faces so this photo caught my eye since I’ve never seen anything like it before. I think this artist is trying to convey that maybe she is an emotional person since tears are coming down from her eyes. But, in this photo they make the tears look like a river going through her face.

5 tips I learned to photograph great portraits!

  1. Always focus on the eyes when taking a photo of someone because they are sharpest element on the face.
  2. Only pick 1 focus point because that’s what gives the photographer ultimate control.
  3. When shooting, always bring a gray card or a piece of gray card for white balance.
  4. Its better to shoot in the shade instead of direct sunlight because in the shade there are no harsh shadows.
  5. Keep powerlines and signs out of the photo because it can be a distraction from the main focus of the image.

Camera modes!


– Tells your camera to select shutter speed, aperture, ISO, white balance, focus and flash to take the best photo. This mode lets you override flash or change it to red eye reduction.


– Automatically selects a large aperture to keep your background out of focus. Ensures your subject is the only thing in focus and is the center of attention when shooting.


– Lets you move closer into your subject to take a close up picture. Great for shooting small objects like flowers and insects.


– Sets the camera with a small aperture to make sure the scene will be as focus as possible. Its great for capturing shots of wide scenes that have a point of interest at different distances.


– Used for photographing moving objects which is also called “action mode”. This mode attempts to freeze the action by increasing the shutter speed.


– Used for shooting in low light situations and sets your camera to use a longer shutter speed to help capture details of the background. Its a really fun mode to play around with because you can create some colorful and interesting shots.


– Extends your camera from capturing still images to capturing moving ones. Its a handy mode to have when you come across a perfect subject that cant be captured with a still image.


– Used for taking shots of a panoramic scene to be joined together later as one image.


– Helps with tricky bright lighting at the snow.


– Used for shooting firework displays.


– Speeds up the shutter speed and helps reduce shutter lag with pre focusing.


– Has its own unique set of exposure requirements for underwater photography.


– Used for a bright scene.


– Helps with setting shutter speed and white balance.


– It boosts saturation to give nice bold colors.


– When you choose the aperture and the camera chooses the shutter speed, white balance, and ISO. Its useful when your looking to control the depth of field in a shot.


– When you select a shutter speed and the camera chooses everything else. When shooting lower light situations you would want to choose a slow shutter speed.


– Its very similar to auto mode but gives you more control over flash, white balance, and ISO.


– You have full control over your camera and need to think about all the settings. This mode gives you flexibility to set your shots up as you wish and have your own preference.

Photographer Cindy Sherman!

My favorite photo of Cindy Sherman was this photo because of how cool the reflection of herself looks. It shows herself staring in a mirror but only seeing part of her face. I love how all the photographs she takes is of herself because their all so unique and different. The black, white, and grey colors in this picture also make the photo even better because it shows great contrast. I understand now why she’s so famous because her work is so cool and it really shows a lot about the person she is.